Crypto Bible Rule #1:

Only Purchase A Hardware Device from a licensed Vendor or the Manufacturer!!

For your convenience I have included the official web-sites for the most well known and established products. 

Personally I recommend Ledger or Trezor, however they all have specific benefits that make them stand out.

For more information on how to make the best choice for your needs check out the review I did in my new ebook: The Crypto Bible... Get the eBook : The Crypto Bible 2024 ed.

Golden Rule #1 Only buy your device from a licensed distributor.

While we promote the education of how to operate and use these devices, we do not sell these products. Only buy a hardware device from a licensed distributor.  GoBanklessNow does not sell, nor receive any compensation for the sales of cryptocurrency hardware wallets.  

Golden Rule #2 Never give your security information to ANYONE.

No representative will ever ask you for your personal security information, pass codes or pin.  Never share these important pieces of critical information with anyone you do not want accessing your funds.  

Golden Rule #3 Never give your personal information to ANYONE you do not know.

Due to the rise in identity theft it is vital to our mission to provide an education to our clients without you having to ever share with us your personal details.  If you ever have concerns you are always able to reach out and contact the administration at info@gobanklessnow.